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Commitment 1
Member State Strategies for Researchers' Training and Employment Conditions
Innovation Union commitment text

"By the end of 2011, Member States should have strategies in place to train enough researchers to meet their national R&D targets and to promote attractive employment conditions in public research institutions. Gender and dual career considerations should be fully taken into account in these strategies."

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The research profession suffers from a lack of a common understanding of researchers' competences. That hinders matching demand and supply and thus the effective allocation of resources. This thus also negatively impacts on mobility between countries and sectors (academia-industry).

  • According to this commitment, it is up to Member States to put in place strategies by the end of 2011 for the training of researchers, and the promotion of attractive employment conditions. The strategies will be followed and monitored.

  • The ERA Steering Group on Human Resources and Mobility is a group composed of Member State representatives. In this context, the group is involved in the European Partnership for Researchers and is updated on ERA framework preparations, Innovative Doctoral Training, and research career frameworks, among other topics.
  • The "Jobs" Working Group of the ERA Steering Group on Human Resources and Mobility presented a report on 24 November 2010 on open recruitment, focusing mainly on publication of jobs.

A monitoring exercise of the European Partnership for Researchers is ongoing.

2011 Deadline for Member States to put in place strategies
Type: Legislative
Lead Directorate-General/Unit, Head of Unit

Directorate General Research and Innovation, Unit C4, Universities and Researchers, Stefaan Hermans

Other Directorates-General/Units associated

EAC C1 (A. Tyson), C3 (Georges Bingen)

Key external partners

ERA Steering Group on Human Resources and Mobility; European University Association (EUA); League of European Research Universities (LERU); European Science Foundation (ESF); European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA)

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